Thursday, September 1, 2011

Products I've Used Up/Tossed ~ August, 2011

I know I'm not the only person in this world who feels ecstatic when he or she hits pan or uses up a product! Well, at least I hope not. Anyway, here are the products I've used up so far:

1. The Body Shop - Vitamin E Body Butter
2. Lavanila Laboratories - The Healthy Deodorant
3. Covergirl LastBlast Fusion Mascara

I am on my 6th body butter this year. This is the only body lotion/butter I've used on my body since the end of 2009! HG material? Yes, yes, yes!

Will I Repurchase? Yes!

I've used it up as much as I can, but I just can't do it anymore. If you take a look at the top left on this picture, you'll see that there's not much left... but it just doesn't work for me; it never has! I'll stick with my drugstore deodorant, thank you very much.

Will I Repurchase? No!

This is one of my favorite mascaras! It separates, holds my curls, and looks very natural! To be honest, I do not see a difference between Lash Blast & LashBlast Fusion... It all pretty much comes down to which color tube you'd prefer.

Will I Repurchase? Yes, but not right now. I have too many mascaras I have to go through.


  1. I really like the Body Shop Body Butter, I always get distracted by Bath & Body Works seasonal stuff, but I should remember the Body Shop is always good to me. <3

  2. @Lillian, I actually don't like Bath & Body Works... Their scents are just too strong for me! If it wasn't for the Vitamin E line, I think I would feel the same way about The Body Shop!

  3. I'm so getting the Vitamin E body butter due to your constant raves ! :) keep up ur blog posts dear!

  4. @Lily Anne, You won't regret it!
    Thank you! =)


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