Tuesday, November 15, 2011

{Review} Revlon Colorburst Lip Butters

The beauty world is buzzing about the new and permanent Revlon Colorburst Lip Butters. From what I was reading from this world, these lip butters are described as moisturizing, pigmented, and glossy; in a way, a best of all worlds. With all the hype, I was one of those people who were raiding through my local Rite Aid, Target, Walgreens, and CVS trying to get ahold of these suckers. It took a while to find them, but I bought my first two (Truffle Pink & Sugar Plum) a couple of weeks ago at Rite Aid for $7.49 each. And I bought my other three shades (Strawberry Shortcake, Candy Apple, & Berry Smoothie) at Target last week for $6-ish each. Red Velvet may be the "it" color from this collection since it's the only shade I see sold out on the displays (and everyone's talking about it!).

 The packaging reminds me a bit of the original Colorburst lipsticks, only less sophisticated and chic. 

Strawberry Shortcake is a light bubblegum pink. It looks lovely on other people, but I don't think it works well on my skin-tone. 

Pink Truffle is a neutral pinky-brown. This color reminds me of MAC Prism blush in a lipstick form. It'll go with any look!

Berry Smoothie is a mauve pink. It's a great everyday color.

 Sugar Plum is a sheer plum with shimmer.

Candy Apple is a sheer bright red. It really brightens up the face with a healthy glow.

Here's a picture of me with Candy Apple sans makeup. Excuse the uneven skin-tone!

Left to Right: Strawberry Shortcake, Pink Truffle, Berry Smoothie, Sugar Plum, and Candy Apple

Out of all the shades, I believe Berry Smoothie (my favorite of them all) is the most wearable everyday color. If I had to recommend one color, Berry Smoothie is the best candidate.

Honestly, there's not much else to say about them:

Are they moisturizing? Yes. 

Are they pigmented? Not quite. It may depend on the pigmentation of your lips, but every color I've tried is very sheer, but some (like Candy Apple) are build-able. 

Are they glossy? Yes, but what lip butters aren't?

Are they worth the hype? No. 

- packaging
- moisturizing

- lasting power is very short
- some of them makes your lips look chalky if you try to build the color

Don't get me wrong, they are nice to have if you want to own a couple of shades. However, I don't think they're as special as everyone is putting them out to be. Maybe it's just me...


  1. thank you for this review....
    i have been itching to try one BUT
    for the price of 7-8 dollars, i couldnt.
    however, now that you mentioned that
    theyre not all that great, im deff not
    getting them :)
    plus, im not into lipstick! thank you
    for this, once again :D
    have a great week! & hope all is well
    with you & your loved ones :D

  2. I might get one down the road, because some of the colors are pretty. But I've heard they are quick to melt and lose their shape, which turns me off. I do like that they are starting to offer drugstore alternatives to other high-end tinted lip balms/butters that cost more. :)


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