Sunday, March 4, 2012

In & Out - February, 2012

- Filed 2011 taxes. The hubby and I filed our 2011 taxes with the help of (not really help; she did all the work) our tax preparer. We just have to send in our payment and everything will be squared away.

- New iPod Nano. The hubby got this for me a few days before Valentine's Day (which is a day we don't celebrate, fyi). So why did he buy it for me? Driving home from work during traffic hour is a huge pain in the butt. It makes it even worse when the radio stations you listen to repeat what feels like 3 popular songs over and over again. Songs that I used to enjoy are now overplayed and annoying... My car has a USB slot, so this beautiful red Nano is really meant for my drives.

- Surprise ballon animal. The hubby surprised me with this adorable penguin when I was waiting for my drink at Jamba Juice. He is too sweet.

- My new baby cousin. My cousin's wife gave birth to this beautiful baby girl on Valentine's Day! I am so excited and blessed to be a part of her life.

left bracelet is a gift from my husband; right bracelet is a gift from my mother-in-law

Unique Jewelry. They're unique to me, anyway! I received these bracelets in Sacramento and I cannot get over how cool these are. I've been wearing them (not at once) on a daily basis.

- Gas prices has spiked up lately. And that pretty much says it all.

What about you? What were your ins and outs of February?

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  1. What an adorable baby! I just want to cuddle her! ^_^ Okay, trying not to be too weird here, I just feel like I'm coming up on another I-want-to-have-a-baby phase!

    In: House hunting, tax preparations, and keeping my weight down and off!

    Out: High gas prices and bad bad drivers who drive too slow or tailgate you!

    1. Thank you! I go through those phases myself, so I know exactly what you mean!

      Good luck with your ins and I agree with the outs! =)


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