Thursday, March 1, 2012

Products I've Used Up/Tossed ~ February, 2012

I cannot believe it's already March! It feels like February just flew by with a blink of an eye.

Here are the products I've used up in the short month:
Jack Black Intense Therapy Lip Balm - Vanilla & Lavender

InfoA conditioning lip balm that protects lips from sun and wind, with soothing effects. Field tested in extreme conditions, this hydrating balm contains antioxidants and superior moisturizers to provide lasting treatment benefits. It provides broad-spectrum UVA and UVB protection.

My thoughts: This was a miracle worker for me at one point, but for some reason, my skin has changed drastically in the new year. I still put it on before I go to bed as a night treatment, but my lips feel irritated and dry after it sinks in or fades away. 

Will I repurchase? I already own a couple of backups, but the answer would be no for now since my skin has been so unpredictable.

Clinique Clarifying Lotion #2; Dry Combination - 13.5 fl oz

Info: A gentle, oil-free exfoliating lotion for dry or combination skin. The smoothing formula whisks away flakes and refines pores to reveal a clearer complexion. The cool, refreshing formula removes dead cells from the surface of the skin helping moisturizer and makeup to apply evenly. 

My thoughts: My skin always feel clean and refreshed after using this toner. The only thing I don't like about it is that it smells like some kind of salad dressing (to me, anyway).

Will I repurchase? After I finish my current toner.

 The Body Shop - Vitamin E Body Butter

InfoBest if you want to: Have divinely soft skin with an intensely rich cream that features a heavenly tea-rose scent. Antioxidant vitamin E moisturizes and protects skin against environmental aggressors.

My thoughts: This shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone! I've gone through 12-15 of these since November, 2010.

Will I repurchase? I already own a lot of backups. =)

Eminence Organic Skin Care - Stone Crop Whip Moisturizer
(sorry for the different background, I took this picture a different day than the others)

InfoEminence Stone Crop Whip Moisturizer takes lifeless, sad-looking skin to vital radiance in one quick whip. Stone Crop lightens and repairs the skin as it moisturizes. Lemon is a natural skin lightener and brightener.

My thoughts: My esthetician recommended this product to me last November and I cannot get enough of it! My skin looks and feels less dry and dull and more hydrated; which is more than I asked for.

Will I repurchase? Yes.


  1. For some reason the Vit E Body Butter looks like strawberry yogurt, so I'm tempted to buy it and try it out. It must be great if you've gone through 15 of them!

    For the lip balm, maybe it's not your skin... maybe it was a bad batch? My doc told me a while ago that a person could develop allergies to things that never bothered them before when I started developing reactions to waxy lip treatment products. Hopefully this isn't the case with you!

    1. I never thought about that... and now I'm craving for yogurt! haha. It really is lovely! I used to have a lot of dry patches on my legs and back until the body butter came around.

      Oh no! What did you do to help with the bad reactions? I've tried using vaseline and other lip products that used to work, but nothing seems to be working/helping. My lips have never felt so dry, irritated, and tight. It sucks. =(


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