Sunday, April 8, 2012

MAC Haul: Reel Sexy, Très Cheek, & In Extra Dimension

I haven't kept up with MAC collections in over a year, but when I read about Très Cheek on Temptalia, I couldn't resist... I simply love blushes!

From Reel Sexy: Pink Cult, from Très Cheek: Immortal Flower & Modern Madarin, and from In Extra Dimension: Superb Skinfinish/Highlighter

- Immortal Flower is a soft peach.
- Pink Cult is a slightly cool neutral pink. I missed it the last time it was released, so I'm extremely excited to own it now.
- Modern Mandarin is a muted orange.

Superb Extra Dimension Skinfinish is a champagne with a metallic sheen. After reading Temptalia's post (link) about her not being able to spot the differences between this product and Estee Lauder's Modern Mercury, I decided to buy two (one for backup).


If you're thinking about buying any of the blushes from the new collections, I recommend not walking, but running to your nearest counter/store. They are selling out quickly!

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