Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Mini Drugstore Haul - WnW palettes

Hello! I stopped by Walgreens the other day and was so surprised to find these new Wet N Wild limited edition holiday palettes! With only $5 a piece, who could say no to that?
Left palette: Sparkle 'Til Morning
Right palette: Drinking a Glass of Shine (which is exactly the same as the I  Matte palette)

Swatches of Sparkle 'Til Morning:

Swatches of Drinking a Glass of Shine:

When the  Matte first released, I passed because the shades on the left side reminded me of my Sugarpill eyeshadows. This time, I figured I'd get it to make some comparisons & contrasts.

And here we go...
Left to right
- WnW left browbone shade & Sugarpill Tako
- WnW eyelid shade & Sugarpill Midori & Mochi
- WnW crease shade & Sugarpill After Party & Velocity
- WnW definer shade & Sugarpill Poison Plum & 2 AM

I think WnW have great quality eyeshadows. However, the one problem I mainly have with them are fallouts (probably because their eyeshadows are so buttery soft). I usually do my eye makeup before putting on face makeup, so this isn't really a big deal... but I could see how it can get annoying for some people.

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  1. New follower :) I love Wet n Wild :) Amazing quality for the price!!

    1. Thank you! I will stop by your blog right now! =)

  2. I've been wanting to get the wet n wild eye shadows! They look so pigmented!

  3. That purple shade in the WnW palette is gorgeous!

  4. Great post! I don't own any WnW products at the moment since they aren't very widely available in my area. Great pigmentation!


  5. the colors are amazing!! thanks for sharing ^_~

  6. Great blog! I started following you through the Brightside Beauty blog hop :) http://putbeautytowords.blogspot.ca/

    1. Thank you! I'll stop by your blog right now. =)


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