Thursday, November 29, 2012

{Review} Bite Beauty Luminous Creme Lipsticks

Hey beauties! As most of you know, I took advantage of the Sephora VIB sale (link) & purchased the Bite Beauty - Bite Size Discovery Set of 5. Ms. GummyVision's post (link) was actually the reason why I decided to pick up this set.

This chic compact contains an assortment of nourishing lip products that deliver super antioxidant Resveratrol, which fights free radicals with potent long-term age-repair benefits. Each bite-sized lipstick contains the Resveratrol equivalent of three glasses of red wine.

The packaging reminds me of Altoids! 

From left to right: Retsina, Musk, Shiraz, Fig, & Pomegranate

Swatches in the same order:
 - Retsina is a pale nude pink.
 - Musk is a warm pinkish-brown. It's a my lips, but better shade.
 - Shiraz is a warm plum.
 - Fig is a rosy pink.
 - Pomegranate is a juicy red.





messy lip swatch of Pomegranate

- I love the variety shades of colors provided in this set 
- the lipsticks are very moisturizing
- compact (great to keep in your purse or travel with)

- bold colors might smudge because of the creamy formula - using a lip liner is recommended

Overall, I think this is a great set to try out if you've ever wanted to try Bite Beauty lipsticks. I ended up buying another set as a gift for my mother-in-law because of the amazing quality.

I believe this set is limited edition, so be sure to get it while you still can!

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  1. so loving the set! I actually like all the shades~ This set is just perfect especially xmas is around the corner! Loved it~ Thanks for sharing ^_~

  2. oh wow, the packaging is so sleek and chic, love it alot :)
    the shades are gorgeous too, especially the reds! :)

    I would like to invite you to my giveaway:
    (sunglasses & prescription glasses)

    hope you have a fab day gorgeous! ~ XO

    1. Thank you! I'll stop by your giveaway right now! =)

  3. These shades look beautiful on your lips!!!!!! ^____^ i love how glossy it looks on you. Or maybe you just have very healthy, moisturized lips! ^_^

  4. i enjoyed reading ur blog...its informative and awesome!! followed u on gfc..
    Hope u can follow me back..


    1. Thank you! I'll stop by your blog right now! =)

  5. beautiful colours! I love them all :)

  6. Hey, I'm a new follower from the BLT blog hop! Pomegranate looks good on you!

    Follow back?

  7. these look amazing :) are they really that noursihing as the package claims? because my lips are super sensitive and after using lipstick like covergirl they have started to feel irritated. revlon lip butter's pink truffle has even made my lips feel irritated which really intrigues me being that's one of the supposedly very moisturizing lipsticks (creme bruele didn't irritate my lips though :))

    1. Thanks! As someone who suffers from lip eczema, I can say these are pretty nourishing! However, I prefer my YSL Volupte Sheer Candy lipstick much more! =)

  8. Shiraz and Fig look so gorgeous on you! They seem super moisturizing too. How's the staying power?

  9. Damn Pomegranate looks AMAZING! I'll have to check out My Girl! I just finished watching Lie to Me and Boys over flowers! I'm addicted to K-dramas hahaha! <3


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