Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Catch-Up Haul (Part 1 of 3): From Sephora

Hello All! I hope you're all lively and well! 

I always seem to fall behind when it comes to haul posts... Anyway, these things were purchased a while ago.

Ariel Storylook Eyeshadow Palette by Sephora
 This lovely palette was a gift from my husband. I was looking everywhere for it and it was always sold out even though I used the "email me when it's in stock" option. I gave up looking because I was swamped with schoolwork and work. I remember coming home after having a horrible day and found this palette sitting on my vanity. It turns out he was calling various Sephora stores everyday to check if they had them in stock.

Laura Mercier Face Illuminator - Spellbound
I kicked myself for not getting the Rose Rendezvous highlighter Laura Mercier released two years ago... so when I saw this, I thought I shouldn't take any chances and just get it. I'm glad I did though. It's a lovely highlighting shade that looks very natural without it being too obvious. Gotta love that glow!

Ole Henrickson - Gel Contour Des Yeux Lifting Optimal
I ran out of my Origins eye cream and wanted to try a new one. I've only used it for two-three weeks, so it's too soon to say anything.

Clinique - All About Lips
I'm looking for a lip product that would help relieve my lip eczema... and unfortunately, this did not do so. I use it every night and so far, I think it's just like any regular lip balm.

Benefit Real Birthday Turn Ons!
September is my birthday month, so I received the beautyinsider birthday gift on the left. It includes two deluxed-size Benefit products: They're Real! mascara & Watts Up highlighter.

VIB Rouge Welcome Kit
I'm embarrassed to say that I qualified for the Sephora VIB Rouge program when it first launched. It just shows that I need to stop shopping there, I guess. Anyway, it comes with a new shiny red membership card and a limited-edition lipstick (deluxed-sized) by Bite beauty for VIB Rouge members only. 

And finally, I got a bag of goodies from a promotion Sephora did a while ago. 

Thanks so much for stopping by! =)

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Tarte Friends & Family Haul

Hello lovelies, I hope life is treating you all well! 

I took advantage of a Friends & Family Sale Tarte had a little over a month ago. It was 30% off, so I figured it was a great way for me to complete my Amazonian Clay blush collection.

...maybe I got a little too excited?

  - Fearless is a warm pink.
Achiote is pretty rose shade.
Empowered is a peachy pink... although it leans a little more pink.
Adored is a cool pink with silver glitters.
Glisten is a peachy-pink with golden shimmers. It reminds me a lot of NARS Orgasm.

Dazzled is muted rose with shimmer.
Buff is a nude brown with shimmer.
Charisma is a shimmery warm pink.
Frisky is a pinky-red with gold glitters.

Tarte Maracuja Miracle Foundation (Light)
I got this foundation for less than $15 because it was on sale plus the 30% off. I couldn't pass up a good deal. I've used it a couple of times and so far, I really like it. I have super oily skin, so I have to touch up a lot more than usual when I use this foundation... but I love how natural it looks.

a deluxe sample of the Brazilliance Skin Rejuvenating Maracuja Self-Tanner

Tarte Glamazon Pure Performance 12-Hour Lipsticks
- Inspired is a dusty rose.
- Graceful is a beautiful warm berry.

My blush drawer is getting overflowed! The worst part is this drawer doesn't even include all of my blushes... I need some inspiration and ideas... How do you beauties store your blushes?

Thanks so much for stopping by!

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