Tuesday, February 18, 2014

NARS Pierre Hardy Rotonde Blush Comparisons

When I posted my haul back in June of last year about the NARS Pierre Hardy blushes, I received a few emails requesting me for a list of dupes. It took long enough, but I'm finally fulfilling this request. I apologize for the long delay!

NARS Rotonde is a beautiful matte bright orange blush with a golden overspray. The gold patterned overspray will eventually fade into a matte powder after one to two uses. I whipped out all the blushes I thought would be similar to NARS Rotonde. Some shades were way off, but I found two similar shades. Keep in mind they are not exact dupes though!


The closest dupes I found in my collection:
- NARS Taj Mahal is more orange, golden, & shimmery.
- MAC Modern Mandarin is redder.

To sum it up, I don't own anything like NARS Rotonde... I think I'll have better luck finding dupes for the other Pierre Hardy blush: Boys Don't Cry (will be posted soon).

Do you own the NARS Rotonde blush? Have you found any dupes for it?

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