Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette

When the Too Faced Chocolate Bar palette was released a couple of months ago, I was extremely anxious to get my hands on it... I mean look at it! Gorgeous chocolate themed tin packaging, beautiful neutrals, and eyeshadows that smell exactly like chocolate... it's right up my alley! However, I couldn't justify buying another palette, so I avoided Sephora and blog posts that reviewed it.

The other week, my husband and I decided to go to the mall to purchase a Pandora bracelet for our sister. Little did I know he planned to take me to Sephora to get me the two palettes I've been lemming: this lovely palette and the Urban Decay Naked 3 palette. The man is such a sweetheart!

This palette contains 16 eyeshadows ranging from matte to frosty finishes. The names of these shades are as delicious as they smell!

Onto the swatches:
- Gilded Ganache is a dark brown with gold shimmer.
- White Chocolate is a matte pale beige.
- Milk Chocolate is a matte medium warm brown.
- Black Forest Truffle is a dark burgundy with gold sparkle.
- Triple Fudge is a matte dark chocolate brown.

- Salted Caramel is a matte orangey brown.
- Marizpan is a shimmery peachy-orange.
- Semi-sweet is a matte medium brown with a slight red undertone.
- Strawberry Bon Bon is a cool-toned baby pink.
- Candied Violet is a deep purple with violet shimmer.
- Amaretto is a copper.

- Hazelnut is a medium dark brown with gold shimmer.
- Creme Brûlée is a metallic gold.
- Haute Chocolate is a dark brown with a frosty finish.
- Cherry Cordial is a plummy brown with sparkle.
- Champagne Truffle is a bright pinky-beige with sparkle.

I absolutely adore this palette! The shadows are super soft, easy to wear, and easy to blend. There are a variety of shades available to do everyday neutral looks or even fun shades (like candid violet) to mix things up once in a while. All the shades compliment each other very well, so you'd never have to second guess yourself (as long as you mix your finishes). I highly recommend it!

Do you own the Chocolate Bar palette? What do you think of it? And those who don't own it, do you plan to purchase it?

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  1. I'm so jealous. I've been admiring this palette for a while.

    The only thing that stopped me from getting it was all of the brown shades. I think I would have preferred some more lighter ones. But I love the Too Faced chocolate smell.


  2. I really want this! Your husband is so sweet getting you two of the newest neutral palettes. I think I would crave chocolate all the time if I had this though lol. The swatches too. *droool.

  3. I love Too Faced palettes...too bad I can't wear them. :( chocolate and eye shadow sounds like heaven :)

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  5. This palette looks so beautiful! I love the names of the shades! Great post as always!

  6. Your husband is so sweet! This palette is gorgeous! :) xo


  7. I've been doing the same thing. Staying away from Sephora and the temptation. But when I cave this and the Lorac Pro palettes are at the top of my list! So pretty. :)

  8. A friend of mine has this pallett this is making me want it even more!

  9. Oooh what a fun palate! I think I'd be willing to buy this for the packaging alone.

    Love the blog - I found you from reading Wendy's blog!

    xo Jackie
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