Thursday, March 20, 2014

Three Things Thursday

Hello! I wanted to do a new series to stay active with my blog. I'm not sure if I will be able to keep up with it every week, but I will definitely try. As you all can tell by the title, the new series will be "Three Things Thursday." It's similar to "Things I Love Thursdays," but I will only mention three things.

Without further adieu...
Washi Tape
I started using washi tape last year for my planner. I used different patterns to stay on track of different classes for assignment due dates, essay due dates, midterms, and finals. I also used different patterns to keep track of anniversaries, birthdays, and events. Sure, I could have used different colored ink for that, but (1) the washi tape made them stand out and (2) they were easily removable if due dates or events were changed.

There are many wonderful projects you can do with washi tape. I use Pinterest for inspiration... take a look!

Planner Goodies
Labels, stickers, sticky tabs, post-its... you name it! Whenever I'm at Target, I always make an effort to not only stop by the beauty aisle, but the school/office supplies aisle as well. I am more likely to use things when they're cute/beautiful (which is why I purchased the Erin Condren Life Planner - review here), so my planner is usually filled with washi tape and everything you see above.

I haven't played Sudoku since 2010, so when I found this in the back of my bookshelf, I figured I should start challenging myself with puzzles again. It's been great so far! I could be distracted and play Sudoku for hours without realizing what time it is.

What three things have you been loving recently?

Thanks for stopping by!

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